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There are some aspects of life that will always be out of our control. We can't choose our parents, or stop time from passing, and unfortunately there is no sure way to avoid an accident or an illness. A young person can be hit by a car, and a person who has been healthy their entire life may develop Alzheimer's. We are lucky enough to live in a society that does give us some control over what happens to us should we encounter one of these unfortunate events. The Seattle area is home to many attorneys experienced with incapacity planning and they can help you get a little control back from the uncertainties of life.

Why bother, you might ask? You might think that if you were incapacitated you wouldn't really care what happens to you. Would you feel differently if your incapacity were likely to be temporary? Or if you knew that the decisions you make regarding your incapacity are also going to affect your loved ones?

An incapacity planning attorney can assist you in crafting a plan with contingencies for all sorts of possibilities. Perhaps you own a small business, or you have an active investment portfolio, your attorney can help you draft powers of attorney that will allow you to define who will have control of your assets while you are incapacitated, and what they will be allowed to do with those assets. If you do not have these sorts of documents in place and you become incapacitated, even for a relatively short amount of time, the court will likely appoint a guardian to make decisions on your behalf. This guardian will be someone that you have never met, who will have no knowledge of your wishes, and will operate only under the instructions that they act 'in your best interest,' whatever they may determine that to be.

On the other end of the spectrum, an incapacity planning lawyer can help protect your assets for your spouse and your children in the event that you suffer from a protracted period of incapacity. Medical bills and other costs can quickly add up, and consume resources that you had intended to take care of your loved ones. An incapacity planning lawyer can establish trusts and other contingencies designed to activate if you become incapacitated that can shield your assets from Medicare and other organizations that may attempt to drain your accounts.

The incapacity planning attorneys of Findley & Rogers have the knowledge to help you through all of these things and more. Because your situation is unique to you, we offer a free consultation so that you can tell us exactly what your situation is and help you create a plan to achieve your goals.

Incapacity may be temporary, or permanent, but however long it may last, you will not be the only one affected. A little time with an incapacity planning lawyer today can save your loved ones a great deal of time and money later on.

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