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When we hear the word inheritance, most of us think of wealthy people leaving millions of dollars to their children. Countless movies and books begin with a long lost uncle dying and leaving their fortune to the previously poor main character. Well, as a lawyer who deals with inheritances, I can tell you that in all the years I have been working in the Seattle area, I have yet to meet a long lost uncle who wanted to leave his fortune to someone that he had never met. In fact, it’s pretty rare that an inheritance amounts to the millions that movies have come to make us expect.

Smaller inheritances are common in Seattle, though there is certainly plenty of wealth in the greater Seattle area the average household income is just about $60,000 a year, after expenses it will be pretty difficult for a family living on that amount to amass several million dollars over their lives. But this does not mean that they won’t amass anything, and it certainly doesn’t mean that they won’t want to pass on what they do accumulate over the course of their lives.

Whether you own property around the Seattle area, have a stock portfolio, or simply a bank account that you would like to see benefit your children, you would be well advised to consult with an attorney who knows how to protect your assets. Inheritance tax rules change every year, and while the current (2012) federal tax exemption is big enough that very few people will have to worry about the federal government taking a lot of their inheritance, that may very well not be the case next year.

It might also be the case that you owe money to other organizations, or that perhaps you are concerned Medicare will take most of your resources before your heirs can inherit anything. A lawyer can advise you about ways of passing your resources while avoiding these potential inheritance drains. For example, sometimes placing your assets in a trust is a good way of protecting an inheritance.

Another possibility is that you would like to leave an inheritance to an unusual person, if it’s even a person at all. Seattle is a city full of people who love their pets, and many choose to make arrangements to care for their animals if something should happen to them. Speaking with a lawyer is a necessity if you want to be sure that your money goes where you want it to, especially if it’s an unusual request.

The attorneys of Findley & Rogers are knowledgeable and experienced in all the issues surrounding inheritances. Regardless of your situation, we offer free consultations so that you can tell us exactly what your goals are without having to worry what it is costing you to do so. Once we know what you want to do, you will have the peace of mind that comes with having a lawyer protect your inheritance.

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