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They have lots of names, living wills, advanced medical directives, health directives, but whatever you call them, they are important for everyone. As medical science progresses, we are seeing more and more situations where doctors can keep someone’s body alive, even if their mind is effectively gone. However you may feel about this sort of situation, whether you would prefer to be kept alive in the hopes that you might recover, or you would rather be allowed to pass away the importance of making your desire known cannot be overstated.

There have been a number of high profile cases in the media in recent years where someone is hurt and doctors determine that, although the body can be kept alive, the mind will almost certainly not recover, and the person did not have a living will or advanced health directive. In these cases family and friends have been torn apart as they argue over what they believe the injured persons wishes would have been. Husbands and wives have been pit against parents and siblings, and no one can be said to win.

Unfortunately it is not always enough to make your wishes known to the people close to you. If you want the choice to be yours you need to complete a living will. If you do not have an advanced medical directive, it won’t matter what you may have told people, the law will give authority to your next of kin, usually a spouse or parent, and they will get to decide what happens to you. We may not like to admit it, but our personal beliefs do not always align perfectly with those of our loved ones, and if you do not have an enforceable living will, your wishes may not be honored.

It is not hard to imagine a parent or spouse not wanting to believe that their loved one is gone and deciding to keep them on life support in the hope that they would come back to them, even when they know that the person did not wish to be kept alive in such a situation. Having an advanced medical directive in place can actually make this situation easier on those around you, by removing the decision and the responsibility from their hands.

There are a number of forms online calling themselves living wills, advanced medical directives, or advanced healthcare directives that all purport to do essentially the same thing. One of these may be sufficient, but the only way to know for certain that you have an effective living will in place is to speak with an experienced estate planning attorney who can educate you about what the requirements of your state are regarding advanced medical directives.

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