Seattle Felony Lawyers: Selecting Your Attorney

Felonies are the most serious crimes you can be charged with. Defending your rights and your liberty will be a complicated process, but fortunately there are felony lawyers in Seattle.

Our legal system divides crimes into two main categories, misdemeanors and felonies. There are many divisions within these two categories, but in general, misdemeanors are lesser crimes that come with relatively lower sentences, while felonies are more serious offenses and have significantly higher penalties. While it is always important to carefully select the attorney who will handle your defense, these higher penalties make it even more important to be careful when selecting a felony lawyer. Seattle is fortunate to have many talented attorneys practicing in the region, but that can also make it difficult to find the Seattle area felony lawyer who is right for you.

Being charged with a felony is an incredibly stressful event. One of the best ways to reduce this stress is to have a thorough understanding of the process you are going through. For this reason it is extremely important that you find a Seattle felony lawyer who is willing to communicate with you regularly and openly. Few things are more stressful than being unable to get in touch with the person you are supposed to trust to defend your rights and liberty. Remember that you always have the right to change attorneys if you are not happy with the representation you are receiving, but also keep in mind that once you are deep in a case, it will be difficult for a new attorney to get up to speed. So pay close attention to your attorney in the beginning, while there is still time to find a new felony lawyer in the Seattle area.

Fortunately there is help available, and a good place to begin looking for a Seattle felony lawyer is right here. Findley & Rogers, PLLC is a criminal defense firm with experience in felony cases ranging from armed robbery to possession with intent to deliver and felony DUI. We pride ourselves on providing an open, honest analysis of a case to every potential client who calls us with absolutely no charge. If we come to the conclusion that we are not the attorneys best suited to help you, we will be happy to refer you to one of the many Seattle felony lawyers that we are familiar with.

You should be looking for the same traits in your Seattle area felony lawyer that you would look for in any professional you might need to work with, honesty, willingness to communicate, diligence, and experience. You are lucky in that there are more sources of information available about felony lawyers in Seattle than there ever has been before, thanks mostly to the internet. Various websites such as provide some background information on attorneys and provide a venue for past clients and other attorneys to make comments about attorneys.

Most Seattle felony lawyers today also have their own websites, which are helpful mostly to let you know if that attorney works with the kind of charge you are facing. This will help you narrow down the pool of possible felony lawyers in Seattle that you may want to hire. Combining this with online reviews, you should be able to whittle down the list of attorneys you will have to choose from to a more manageable number. Once you have taken these steps, a good plan is to pick a few felony lawyers in Seattle and give them a call to have a short discussion regarding your case. This conversation will be your best opportunity to get a feel from an attorney as to whether you can trust your freedom to their representation. Be wary of attorneys that seem to be promising you the moon. It may be nice to hear from an attorney that you will get away free and clear, but the reality is, there is simply no way to know exactly how a case will go. This is especially true before an attorney has had the opportunity to review police reports and the prosecutor’s arguments.

A very good way to find a talented Seattle felony lawyer is to contact a criminal defense firm that works in a different area from what you are being charged with and ask them to refer you to a respected attorney who does handle your sort of case. At Findley & Rogers, we normally provide misdemeanor criminal defense, and while we do occasionally take on certain felony cases, if you are facing a very serious charge, we may be able to assist you best by helping you find a felony lawyer in Seattle who is more experienced with the charge you are facing.

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-Every case is different, Findley & Rogers, PLLC can make no guarantees about the outcome of a case, and nothing in this article is intended to be a comment on the abilities of any particular attorney.

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