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Do you know who to call if you have been arrested for drunk driving? Seattle attorneys at Findley & Rogers, PLLC are experienced defending against DUI charges.

Findley & Rogers, PLLC is a law firm founded by two attorneys that believe that people accused of drunk driving deserve the same fair treatment our system demands for anyone accused of a crime.

Washington State has some of the toughest laws in the nation when it comes to drunk driving. Attorneys in the Seattle area receive hundreds of calls a week from people just like you who have been caught up in the police crackdown on drunk driving. As a result of the large volume of people being charged with drunk driving, some Seattle attorneys become overwhelmed and unable to give their full attention to all of the people that would like their help.

This overloading of the system is why it is vital to carefully select your Seattle area drunk driving attorney. Of Seattle’s many drunk driving attorneys, the attorneys of Findley & Rogers, PLLC distinguish ourselves by the pride we take in making certain that we never take on a case that we cannot handle. We understand that being charged with drunk driving is a nerve-wracking experience, and our aim is to lessen the feeling of powerlessness you might experience. We do this by helping you understand every step of the process, which can be different in the various courts in and around Seattle. Our drunk driving attorneys know that each case is different, and that to successfully defend them we will have to personalize a defense for each of our clients.

Findley & Rogers, PLLC emphasizes the following points in every case we handle:

o Communication
• Nothing is more frustrating than depending on a Seattle area drunk driving attorney to defend your rights, and then not even being able to get them on the phone. If we miss a phone call we return it as soon as possible. We also work to make sure that we understand your goals for your case, and we encourage our clients to communicate with us as openly and frequently as necessary.

o Honesty
• It should go without saying, but there is no trait more important than honesty in a drunk driving attorney. Seattle has a great many attorneys, and you must be sure your attorney is one you can trust. Findley & Rogers, PLLC is dedicated to providing you the best representation possible, even if this means telling you that you have a bad case. An attorney that is afraid to be honest with you is worse than no attorney at all. You should be especially wary if an attorney promises you good results when others have expressed doubt.

o Diligence
• The greatest drunk driving attorney in Seattle will be unable to help you if they do not follow up on every aspect of your case. Findley & Rogers, PLLC limits the number of clients we are willing to take on so that we are sure we will be able to fully explore each client’s case that we do take. This means following up on police reports, carefully managing deadlines, and keeping you informed the whole way through.

Findley & Rogers, PLLC is a drunk driving attorney practice in Seattle. We are available by phone during normal business hours and by email 24 hours a day. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your case. Your initial consultation will be completely free. Drunk driving in Seattle is a serious crime. Our attorneys are standing ready to help you.

-Every case is different, Findley & Rogers, PLLC can make no guarantees about the outcome of a case, and nothing in this article is intended to be a comment on the abilities of any particular attorney.

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