Why not use an online legal service?

You may have seen commercials for online companies offering legal services through their websites. These services range from helping you set up a business, to completing a will or a trust for as little as $70.00. Sounds like a great deal, right?

Only if it works.

Depending on what State you are living in, and how complicated your estate is, a simple fill in the blank will that you find on one of these websites may serve to provide you some limited protections, provided the will is up to date with your State’s legal requirements, and you do everything necessary to execute the will in such a way that it is actually considered valid. On the other hand, if the online legal service you use fails to keep up with the changes of law in your state, or if you fail to execute the will correctly, you may as well have thrown your money away.

Perhaps even more importantly, these online legal services cannot talk to you to learn what your situation and goals really are and then advise you about what your options are to achieve those goals. You may think that a simple will should cover all your needs, but later learn that you should have created a living trust, or a power of attorney. Getting a good price on the wrong estate plan would be like buying the wrong part for your car just because it’s a better deal.

This is the reason why online legal services are always very careful to have a disclaimer stating that they are not attorneys, they cannot replace a real attorney, and nothing in their websites should be considered legal advice. If you are considering an online legal service simply to save money, you should do yourself a favor and read some reviews of people who used online services to save money, only to wind up paying for surprise charges that weren’t disclosed, or monthly services that they didn’t want.

The whole point of creating an estate plan is to know that, if something should happen to you, your friends, family, and property will be protected and treated the way that you want them to be treated. With an online legal service you cannot be sure that you even have an effective estate plan, let alone one that will accomplish the goals that you hope it will. The attorneys of Findley & Rogers can provide a piece of mind that an online service never can for a few reasons. Not only are we actually going to sit down and get to know you so that we can help you determine the appropriate estate plan for you, we are going to guarantee our work.

Unlike an online legal service, attorneys are accountable for their work, if they are providing inadequate representation; they will lose their license to practice the law. That means that if Findley & Rogers prepares an estate plan for you, and if for any reason our estate plan doesn’t do what we say it will do, your friends and family will know exactly whose door to knock on. Have you ever tried knocking on a website?

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